Band Workouts for Dads: Part 3

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Dads, be quick going out and controlled coming back.

That is the plan for this final part of my 21 Band Workouts for Dads series as I bring in running and get after the lower body with several single leg band workouts.

Even though we will be working strength, I want you to emphasize staying long and strong with all of these single leg options by getting your stride lengthened out.

With the running drills it’s all about being quick going out and controlled coming back.  Don’t forget and make sure you have a long enough band setup.  1 band attached is not enough.  You need at least 2 or 3 bands linked together.

Here is my suggestions:

Beginner:  30-sec of work followed by 30-sec of rest x 6 sets of each exercise

Intermediate: 40-sec of work followed by 20-sec of rest x 6 sets of each exercise

Advanced: 50-sec of work followed by 10-sec of rest x 6 sets of each exercise

Band Workouts for Dads: Workouts #16-21

Remember…each of these workouts consist of alternating between 2 exercises. You pick the work interval, rest interval and number of sets per exercise.

  1. Elevated Single Leg Squats Right – Left
  2. Reverse Lunges Right – Left
  3. Forward Lunges Right – Left
  4. Side Lunges Right – Left
  5. 3 Step Shuffles Right – Left
  6. Back Pedals – Skaters

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