19 Olympic Leg – Core Band Exercises

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Olympic Leg – Core Band Exercises


Winter Olympic athletes require tremendous lower body and core strength. Most winter Olympic athletes do not have access to training facilities. They also perform very complex movements that require multi-planar patterns using both vertical and horizontal vectors. Fortunately, RBT can provide the needed resistance and adaptability to handle any movement or force vector needed.

Here are 19 exercises that look very similar to many of the movement patterns you will see in the 2018 Winter Olympics

Pre-Workout Exercise

  1. Hip Stretching Series
  2. Core Training

Speed Drills

  1. Forward Bursts
  2. Turn and Go
  3. 45 Degree Bursts

Plyometric Exercises

  1. Broad Jumps
  2. Dynamic Stabilizer Skaters
  3. Squat Jumps
  4. Elevated Single Leg Jumps
  5. Split Jumps Towards Attachment
  6. Lateral Hops Attached
  7. Split Jumps Away from Attachment
  8. Skaters Attached

Strength Exercises

  1. Iso Squats
  2. Speed Squats
  3. Split Squats Iso
  4. Split Squats
  5. Elevated Single Leg Squats
  6. Rotational Reverse Lunges

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