15 Arm Assault Band Training Combinations

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Arm Assault Band Training

Arm Assault Band Training Combinations


The best way to help develop muscle definition is by training the muscles in multiple ways. By this I mean changing resistance, speed and most importantly the exercise. By constantly changing things up you eliminate muscle complacency as well as the potential for overuse injuries due to constantly training the same way every workout.  

The bicep and triceps are no exception to this rule. As a matter of fact, they are often the victim of overuse training which leads to injuries like bicep tendonitis, tennis elbow, golfers elbow or worse yet, tearing of the bicep or tricep tendon.   

Plus, when weights are the only resistance used, range of motion is slowly lost which brings on shoulder issues. Fortunately, training bi’s and tri’s with resistance bands provides you with a wide variety of strength training exercise options and combinations.

Training Tips to Keep in Mind

Before I share with you 15 bicep-tricep strength training combinations, let me take you through a few training tips to keep in mind when it comes to strength training these muscles with resistance bands.

  1. Don’t allow the band to take you through a fast eccentric movement. This is the movement of returning back to the start position of the exercise.
  1. Always keep tension on the band system to maximize muscle effort and length.
  1. Perform movements with a consistent tempo. I typically recommend a 1 to 3 tempo. This means doing a quicker concentric movement and slower return or eccentric movement.
  1. Try to allow the body to fully integrate when possible. Isolation movements are ok but fully integrated movements will give you a bigger bang for your buck.

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