Own YOUR Plank Workout

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About the Own YOUR Plank Workout

Using a band to assist your plank so you can learn and perform more advanced plank exercises will not only develop high performance Abs, but it will make Ab training a lot more fun. The Own Your Plank Workout does exactly that.

It implements an “assisted band approach” that, in turn, allows you to perform more advanced plank exercises that without the assistance, you would not be able to complete without compensation.

Develop a perfect plank and, in turn, teach your Abs how to become high performance dynamic stabilizers.

Training Recommendations

Workout Plan

Work set time: 45 Seconds
Rest between sets: 15 Seconds
# of total sets per round: 10
# of exercises alternated through per round: 5
# o recommended rounds: As many as you have time for

(Rounds can always be modified based on time available)

Exercise Options

  1. Extended Plank
  2. Side Plank
  3. Side Plank
  4. T-Stabilization
  5. Walking Plank

Products Used in this Workout


the bar - your plank workout

Single Band Package

Small Single Band Package - your plank workout

Band Utility Strap