Leg Training Workout

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leg training workout

Leg Training Workout Using the Contrast Method

All you need is a pair of bands and a dead weight of some type. Kettlebell, dumbbell, sandbag, or medicine-ball are all great choices.

leg training workout

2 Ways to Program Contrast Leg Training

  1. Keep the band-related exercise and free weight exercise separate.
  2. Combine free weights with the band resistance exercise at the same time.

My preference when it comes to leg training workouts is to combine free weights and bands. It allows me to use less weight while still getting a great strength or metabolic workout.

The key is to make sure your core is totally ready to go which means doing an effective warm-up that requires both mobility and stabilization training.

Training Recommendations

Workout Program

leg training workoutFor this specific leg training workout, I recommend a 30-second on 15-second off interval sequence. I alternated between 3 complementary exercises while training in the same plane of motion. Perform total sets or 4 of each exercise.

As you will see, space needs were minimal for this leg training workout which means you can knock this out anywhere.


  1. Kettlebell – Band Swings
  2. Kettlebell – Band Right Leg Lunges Towards Attachment
  3. Kettlebell – Band Left Leg Lunges Towards Attachment

  1. Lateral KB Swing Right
  2. Lateral KB Swing Left
  3. Hop Right
  4. Hop Left

*** Bonus Intensity Locomotion Amplifier Exercise (optional) and will require adding in additional sets

Set Up Tip for Contrast Leg Training

The band size in most cases does not matter when doing contrast training. If you wish to make this a heavier resistance type movement, you can load up with more band resistance or free weight resistance.