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Band stretching has easily been the #1 game changer for my over 40 adults

This is especially true for the guys that have been lifting weights for years and have loss of significant hip, shoulder and ankle flexibility. Those individuals that have committed to band hip and shoulder stretching at least 3 to 4 times per week, before or after workouts, have been able to keep their hip, shoulder and ankle flexibility at a level of someone 10 years younger.

They have also been able to eliminate nagging low back, knee, shoulder and hip pain that comes with keeping an active aging body looking, feeling and moving great.

What is Band Stretching?

Band stretching is a unique form of stretching that incorporates a controlled, active contract-relaxed approach while applying a variable accommodating resistance. This creates a passive over-pressure stretch to targeted muscles of the hip and shoulder. It makes muscles gradually to go where they can’t by passively and actively taking them into restricted areas of motion that traditional body weight stretching can’t accomplish.

Over the years I have done several videos on Band Stretching Tips that have taught 100’s how to successfully implement band stretching into their weekly workout routine. It is something I feel anyone that wants to eliminate nagging issues caused by inflexibility and create fitness longevity needs to implement.

In today’s blog I have brought together the best of those videos to help teach, train and inspire you to start or continue stretching with bands so you can turn back the clock and continue looking, feeling and moving your best.

Dave’s 9 Best of Band Stretching Tips

1. Hip Rotation Band Stretching for Guys

2. Modified Hamstring Band Stretching Tip Setup

3. Simultaneous Hamstring-Quadriceps Band Stretch

4. Nerve Tension Stretching – What it is and How Band Stretching Helps Eliminate It

5. Super-Set Band Stretching

6. Advanced Hip Flexor-Quadriceps Band Stretching

7. Avoiding Neck Issues with Band Stretching

8. Shoulder Distraction Stretching

9. Band Stretching Mistakes

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