Follow-Along 4 Way Band Arm Workout

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4 Way Band Arm Workout

Dynamic 4 Way Band Arm Workout

This 4 Way Band Arm Workout will carve up the arms using multiple planes and 4 distinctly different exercises

To me arm workouts can get boring, and I find when I continue to do the same type of exercise over and over, my elbows and shoulders become sore. That’s why I like doing this 4 Way Band Arm Workout because it changes things up. 

Not only does it use elastic resistance instead of free weights, but it also uses horizontal vectors and standing postures. Both of these change the dynamics of how the shoulder blade stabilizes and the pressure placed on the elbow.

The other reason I enjoy this workout is it only requires 1 band and 1 pair of handles. Just make sure you have a stable structure to hook up to.


1. Staggered Stance Curl – Double Knees Overhead Press

2. Staggered HV Curl – Staggered HV Press

3. Step and Curl – Back Step Press

4. Power Curl – Resisted Triceps Push Up

I perform 1 set of each exercise. However, feel free to treat this like 4 separate rounds and alternate back and forth doing 4 sets of each before moving on to the next round of exercises.

I use a 20 on, 10 off Tabata interval but if you need more transition time take it up to 30-30 or 30-15.

Want a good laugh…here’s the same workout taped and submitted 8 years ago…

2009 Version

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I would enjoy knowing what you think of the workout format using the Audible commands and if the newest video was easy to follow.

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