Crawling Workout

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Crawling Workout

About the Crawling Workout


Crawling is one of those movements that is rarely considered when it comes to training cardio conditioning. Yet it is one of the most productive ways to train cardio conditioning along with core stability, shoulder stability and upper body strength.

Also, when applying band resistance to your crawling, you increase hip strength while being able to train in small spaces. This Crawling Workout does all of the above as you will soon see. Make sure you alternate through all 4 of these exercises for 5 total rounds.

Training Recommendations

Program Design

Work Set Time: 40 seconds
Rest Between Sets: 20 seconds
# of Total Sets Per Round: 4
# of Exercises Alternated Through Per Round: 4
# of Recommended Rounds: 5
(Rounds can always be modified based on time available)

Band Setup

Attached linked up bands


  • Forward Crawling
  • Side Crawling Right
  • Side Crawling Left
  • Frog Jumps

Equipment Used in this Workout