Band Training Does Not Discriminate

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RBT Band Training

Band Training Is For Everyone

Resistance band training does not discriminate. RBT is a training approach that creates a unique training effect that everyone, no matter who you are or where your training level is, needs to be using regularly.

Free weights, no matter if it’s a dumbbell, barbell, sandbag or kettlebell, create the same training effect on your muscles. Continuously looped resistance band training creates a significantly different effect on your muscles.

It allows you to improve flexibility, strength, core stability and fat burning metabolism all while keeping your joints happy and your exercise program meeting your needs.

As a result of a band’s light-weight portability and unlimited resistance potential, it makes them the perfect anywhere strength and conditioning tool to fit ANYONE’S needs.

6 Unique Groups of Exercise Enthusiasts

Below are 6 unique groups of exercise enthusiasts that each have different fitness needs. Discover how resistance band training can make their workouts, their body and their overall performance better… and why band training does not discriminate.

#1: Beginner Exercise Enthusiasts

Beginners typically need to start slowly using a strength training tool that is easy to learn while providing a low to moderate level of resistance.

Considering a single resistance band has approximately 30 to 40lbs of resistance variability, it provides those new to exercise with a training tool that is not only easy to learn but also provides 20 plus beginner level exercises that anyone can perform.

Plus, an individual at the beginner level is usually not comfortable in a gym setting. Band training will allow them to learn and exercise in the privacy of their home.

Best Band Training Exercises for Beginners

#2: Senior Exercise Enthusiasts

Senior exercise enthusiasts have significantly different needs when it comes to staying fit and active. For most seniors it’s about keeping their muscle flexibility, joints feeling good and strength at a level relative to what they need to enjoy the activities they choose to participate in.

As a result, they need an exercise tool and approach that accommodates joints that don’t move through a full range of motion or that need to move in certain patterns to avoid pain. Muscle strength needs are relative to being able to perform lower level recreational activities.

Seniors don’t need to lift heavy resistance. However, they do need to be able to strength train using simple movement patterns that allow them to maintain good, balanced, functional strength and agility.

Resistance band training allows seniors to easily replicate and modify 100’s of exercises that won’t place their body at risk of injury but will allow them to keep enjoying life.

Great Band Training Exercises for Seniors

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#3: Weight Lifting Exercise Enthusiasts

Lifting weights to maintain strength is a great option that often is lost as we age. Years of free weight or dead weight strength training will ultimately cause joints to show wear and tear.

This will eventually lead to key structures like the rotator cuff, low back disc or cartilage of the knee becoming painful or injured. Once this occurs, free weights are difficult to modify because the exercise patterns are not easily adaptable.

Resistance band training allows any exercise to be easily modified because bands are not gravity dependent. Plus, band resistance is easier at the beginning of the movement where joints are the most susceptible to being irritated or injured using free weights.

Why Band Training Doesn’t Make You Sore

#4: Female Exercise Enthusiasts

The typical female exercise enthusiast wants stronger, more well-defined muscles but often struggles with creating the necessary challenges needed to achieve these goals using free weights or machines.

Flat band training provides the female exercise enthusiast with unlimited exercise options that, in turn, eliminates boredom while training with a resistance they can quickly increase without having to stop training.

This ability to seamlessly increase band resistance allows the female exercise enthusiast to instinctively create a higher level of strength training intensity.

As a result, they are able to create the necessary muscle burn and training intensity needed to get stronger, more well-defined shoulders, arms, back and leg muscles.

Best Band Training Exercises for Women

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#5: Weekend Athlete Exercise Enthusiasts

The weekend athlete is that person who enjoys playing the game. They are typically competitive people who like to use games, events or races to challenge themselves.

However, as the body ages it becomes less flexible, recovers slower and loses strength which are all aspects that ultimately take away from the weekend athlete being able to continue participating.

Few weekend athletes have the time or interest in training the body to maintain these key aspects of performance. As a result, they eventually end up injured or having to stop participating, due to joint pain, in the very event they enjoy doing that motivates them to keep fit.

Band training provides weekend athletes or recreational athletes the ability to work on flexibility, agility and specific strength in a time efficient way without having to join a gym or take away from their weekend participation.

Keeping the Body Athletic

#6: Busy CEO Exercise Enthusiasts

Staying consistent is the key to getting fitness results. However, lack of time is often the excuse behind why many people do not achieve the results they are looking for with their exercise routine.

The key is to have alternative ways to workout and not have to constantly rely on a gym to accomplish getting in a great workout. Band’s portability allows any busy person the ability to exercise anywhere, anytime while performing unlimited exercises.

No need to travel to the gym. No need to have special equipment. The key is to get in your workouts consistently. Resistance band training does not discriminate and easily allows busy people to consistently workout and much more.

What You Need to Train Anywhere

RBT Gym-To-Go


Where Do You Fit on This List?

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