Building Awesome Abs using Off-Set Band Loading

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off-set band loading

Learn How to Incorporate Off-Set Band Loading

Off-set band loading is the easiest way to create total body strength training workouts. It will simultaneously train your abs to be stabilizers in multiple planes.

Why Incorporate Off-Set Band Loading into Your Workouts?

  • Your transitions are easy. All you have to do is switch sides.
  • You need less resistance. You’re only training one arm or one leg with an extended lever arm. Therefore, it requires half the resistance load.
  • You only need one exercise. Training unilateral exercises creates a 2 for 1 situation. This is because 1 exercise is really 2 exercises.
  • Your joint related issues lessen. With core (abs) activation levels higher using off-set loading, there is less joint surface gliding. This is what leads to joint irritation post exercise.
  • You can use alternating sets. Alternating sets is a program design that works great with off-set loading. This is because switching sides is all that is needed to transition between exercises.


Why Off-set Band Loading Automatically Trains Your Abs The Right Way

If you understand the role of the abs, you know that their #1 role is to stabilize the low back. They essentially keep it from being taken through excessive movements. This can lead to injury.

Words like anti-rotation, anti-extension and anti-lateral side bending are often used to describe how your abs dynamically work to protect your low back. However, traditional exercises like crunches, sit-ups and leg raises don’t train the abs to be multi-directional stabilizers. 

Off-set band strength training challenges the abs to be dynamic stabilizers in all 3 planes of motion on almost every exercise. As a result, off-set band strength training becomes the perfect way to train your abs to be dynamically stabilized. This is how they were designed to work.

The following video will show you ways to incorporate off-set band strength training into your workouts. As you will see, they are super easy to do especially when using alternating sets as your workout program template.

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