Alternating Push – Pull Workout

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About the Alternating Push – Pull Workout

Alternating Push – Pull Workouts are going to challenge the core (specifically the abs) as much as they are going to challenge the primary muscles. Think about sprinting which is the most powerful alternating exercise we put our body through. Without a strong dynamic core, your trunk would be flying all over the place and, as a result, your primary muscles would have nothing to grab hold to.

When it comes to doing this Alternating Push – Pull Workout, start out slow and make sure you get your trunk on board. Also, think of this workout as a 30-second sprint or continuous movement. Try not to stop through the entire 30 seconds.

Training Recommendations

Program Design

Work Set Time: 30
Rest Between Sets: 30
# of Total Sets Per Round: 12
# of Exercises Alternated Through Per Round: 2
# of Recommended Rounds: 1
(Rounds can always be modified based on time available)


  1. Attachment Free Alternating Chest Press
  2. Attached Alternating Rows

Best Package for this Workout

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