6 Workout Secrets to Shed Fat Fast at 50

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Shedding Fat Fast at 50

Secret #1: Keep it Simple, Just Work

When it comes to shedding fat fast there is way too much mental effort put towards creating complex workouts or using complex movements.

What I mean is, to really work hard you need to keep the focus on working and less on doing crazy complex movements or workout programs that require having 10 years of training experience, a ton of equipment or having to join a gym.

When it comes to using bands to shed fat fast it starts with doing single band movements that can easily be done anywhere. Once these are quickly mastered, then bump up the intensity by increasing to a higher level of band resistance or just increasing your rep speed.

Also, don’t try to create circuits that have 10 exercises in them. Use 2 or maybe 3 exercises at the most in a circuit and alternate through them for 4 to 5 times. If you get too fatigued, congratulations. But that doesn’t mean stop—just switch to a smaller band resistance and keep going.

Here is the perfect Chest-Back Workout you can apply this principle to easily:

Secret #2: Do 1 Side at a Time

One of the simplest high intensity workout program designs is a 2 exercise program where all you do is alternate back and forth between those two exercises for 12 total sets (6 each). To take it one step further in simplicity, use unilateral or 1-sided exercises so all you do is switch sides.

Band exercises like split squats, chest presses, rowing, push presses, reverse lunges and side planks are just a few exercises that you can use.

Here are several other reasons to give this fat loss band training strategy a try:

  • The transitions are easy so it requires minimal time between sets which creates less rest time and great work time.
  • Minimal rest is needed because, while one side rests, the other side is training so you can get more calorie-burning work done in a shorter period of time.
  • The abs will be automatically activated due to load being off-set so all primary working muscles have to work harderwhich again means more calories being burnt.
  • Single arm or leg movements are typically easier to perform allowing intensity to ramp up quickly.
  • Resistance can remain the same which cuts down on equipment needed.

Here is a great Unilateral Workout you can do with one band today:

Secret #3: Use Density Training for Greater Intensity

To shed fat fast and create muscle definition at the same time requires training a specific muscle group with high intensity and a relatively high rep volume (Density Training). To do that you will need to overload the specific muscle group you wish to target using higher reps vs. high resistance.

The easiest way to do this is by using the 15-5 or 10-5 exercise workout template. All you do is plug in a band exercise and perform 8 continual sets doing 15 seconds of work with 5 seconds of rest.

For a slightly easier workout, go 10 seconds with 5 seconds off. Either of these programs makes high density band training very easy to accomplish with any muscle group, anywhere.

Here is an example of a 10-5 Shoulder Workout.

Feel free to try this workout or substitute in your own exercises.

Secret #4: Have a Recovery Routine

As the body ages, it is going to require a greater time to recover, but recovery doesn’t mean having to sit around.

In fact, active low intensity recovery days are much more productive for recovery than doing nothing. Active recovery days allow your body to get nutrition to the muscles while also removing waste (lactic acid) products that cause post exercise muscle soreness.

The key is making sure that your active recovery exercise is at a very low intensity effort. You should feel relaxed while going through it.

Examples of fun recovery day routines:

  • Low resistance band stretching and a brisk walk
  • Low resistance band stretching with a relaxing bike ride
  • Low resistance band stretching with a 10-minute ab isometric stabilization workout

The key is to make sure your body feels better and is energized with no additional soreness experienced post workout.

Secret #5: Stop Counting – Automate Your Workout

To shed fat fast requires focusing on work and effort which will produce greater workout intensity. Counting reps is not necessary and actually takes away from putting your focus on work effort.

To eliminate counting reps, start using an automated workout system that verbally takes you through your workout and allows you to program in the following workout parameters:

  • Work set time
  • Rest time between sets
  • Number of sets per round
  • Amount of rest between rounds
  • Number of rounds

If you can overlay your own music with the workout it makes the entire training experience even better.

Seconds Pro App is my recommendation

Seconds Pro

Secret #6: Get Your Workouts In no Matter What

I follow a very simple principle when it comes to staying lean at 50+…

Any strength workout is a productive strength workout.

What I mean is that even on days where life gets in the way, finding time for a quick workout is important so that the body stays primed to keep burning fat. Missing a few workouts will slow down your fat burning metabolic system.  Doing a short 15-minute workout keeps the body primed and running at a high performance level. Bands are perfect for getting in quick workouts because you don’t have to go anywhere to train, yet you have unlimited resistance and exercise options when you want them.

Just Get It Done

The formula to successfully shed fat fast at 50 is not that difficult to understand and implement. The key is doing variations of high intensity strength training that your body will tolerate and not break down and become injured.

Resistance bands are a joint-friendly, portable training tool that allows you to strength train without the hassles or joint breakdown that comes with lifting weights or having to go to a gym to lift weights

Here is the BEST Place to Start Implementing Fat Burning Workout Secrets at Home or Anywhere You Want.

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