3D Towel-Band Workout

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3D Towel-Band Workout

About the 3D Towel-Band Workout

Developing 3D strength and definition will require stepping out of sagittal single plane free weight training and incorporating some frontal and rotational plane movements using various bases of support. The 3D Towel-Band Workout will accomplish exactly that.

Training Recommendations

Workout Design

Perform each of the following towel-band exercises for 6 total sets, with each work set lasting 10 seconds and a 5-second rest between sets. Complete all 6 sets of that one exercise before resting for 30 seconds and progressing to the next exercise where you will repeat the same sequence.

Equipment Needed

  1. Large Single Band Package
  2. Towel
  3. Band Utility Strap


  1. Hose Pull Right
  2. Hose Pull Left
  3. Face Pulls
  4. Single Arm Push Right
  5. Single Arm Push Left

To Advance this Workout

  1. Increase band resistance
  2. Increase sets to 8
  3. Increase rep speed