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RBT Rave Reviews

"A trainer told me, "Since I started here 2 months ago, I’ve gone from slowly limping around the gym to ballistic training with straps." My physician asked what my secret weapon was …. I said RBT!!!!! I can only hope you make this much difference in as many lives as you have mine. "

Myrna Silva

"Hey Dave! One week in with RBT & I  feel amazing!!!! A lot of my hip pain from a prior labral tear surgery is feeling better!!! Thank you thank you!"


Nancy McCorry

"I am turning 72 this month.  Any time I lift weights I feel it in my joints far more than in my muscles and that is not a good thing.  I have moved from almost entirely weight training to Resistance Bands and my balance and flexibility is better than ever.   Dave's bands and his training programs are the best I have found anywhere. "


Lou Drakulich

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