Where do you workout?

The #1 reason most exercise programs fail is because life gets in the way. Work gets extra busy, the kids have a million activities, and sometimes making it to the gym just doesn’t happen. A large amount of exercise programs, workouts and equipment can’t adapt for an on-the-go lifestyle.

If you want to stay committed to an exercise routine and reap the rewards of looking, feeling and moving great— you need a training system that can easily adapt to your schedule demands.

The RBT System was designed around the use of lightweight, continuously-looped Quantum Bands that provide an unlimited level of muscle strength training resistance while weighing less than 2 pounds per band. This unmatched portability combined with training versatility, makes the RBT System the most convenient workout solution. It doesn’t matter if your goal is to lose fat, gain muscle or simply keep your body performing at a high level at any age.

“You need a training system that can easily adapt to your schedule & travel demands.”

The RBT system will allow you to take your bands with you to train anywhere you want: Inside or outside, at home or on the road, with friend or by yourself. Quantum Bands don’t let your busy schedule prevent you from finding time to focus on you.

How to Train Anywhere With Bands

Here are some free resources to help you train anywhere.

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