Thunder Band Finisher Workout

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Thunder band finisher workout

About the Thunder Band Finisher Workout

The Thunder Band is a 73-inch continuously looped band that has a resistance variability of approximately 80 lbs. That’s like having 18 pairs of dumbbells from 20 to 100 lbs all in the palm of your hand at one time.

No mess, no concern for storage, and don’t worry if you drop it. Enjoy training anywhere, anytime doing any exercise you want. That is a very versatile band and this is an awesome workout.

Training Recommendations


Step 1 – Attach your thunder band to a stable structure.

Step 2 – Set your Seconds Pro App to 20 seconds on 10 seconds off x 12 exercises/intervals (a clock with a second hand can work as well if needed).

Step 3 – Mentally prepare yourself to do work using the Thunder Band.

The Thunder Band Finisher Workout is that simple to setup. Follow along with me during this Thunder Band Finisher Workout or put together your own.

Just make sure you blast your whole body with lower body strength, upper body strength, cardio, and core. It is what a Thunder Band Finisher Workout should be all about.

Program Plan

If you wish to make this a complete workout instead of a finisher, just repeat this exercise sequence 3 more times.

Get Your Hands on A Thunder Band!!

You will like how it performs. Purchase your Thunder Band HERE.

Moderate Resistance and Heavy Resistance