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This Exclusive $1 Dollar Offer is only for new Band Gym memberships and will provide YOU with a 30 Day Pass into The Band Gym where you will get “Total Access” to:


"Today's BG Workout" which provides Band Gym members with a daily workout or coaching session that follows a specific monthly training theme put together by Coach Dave. Today's BG Workout eliminates you having to spend valuable exercise time planning out a workout.


Direct email access to Coach Dave Monday through Friday to help provide you timely coaching from a fitness professional, physical therapist and the world’s leading expert in resistance band training.


A Done-For-YOU 3 Month "On-Boarding" Workout Plan designed specifically for those BG members who are new to Resistance Band Training, The Band Gym and need help getting started.


The Band Gym Coaching Educational Library is where we help answer members' questions by taking a deeper dive into how to address common injuries, training, and programming issues. This on-demand video based educational series already includes the following topics:

  • How to Build Healthy Shoulders
  • Improving Flexibility and Mobility in Every Workout
  • Bullet Proofing Your Lower Back
  • Building Effective Time Efficient Workouts
  • Eliminating Nagging Knee Pain
  • Better Hip Mobility - Why and How
  • Automating Your Workouts with the Seconds Pro App
  • How to Get More Athletic Training Safely
  • Building Your Own Challenge Workouts
  • Learning How and Why to use Assisted Band Training

A Growing Instructional and Follow-Along Workout Library that Includes:

  • 20 - Crunch 20 Minute Follow Along Workouts
  • 6 - 45 Minute On-Demand Follow Along Total Body Workouts
  • 40+ Body and Movement Specific Instructional Workouts

Your Weekly (Members Only) Band Gym Insider Coaching Newsletter where Dave breaks down a Band Gym Workout as well as provides you a quick educational Band Gym Minute before covering weekly Band Gym member questions.


6 - 28 Day Workout Programs designed to address almost Any Fitness or Performance Goal

28 Day Strength Builder - that will build your band training base.

28 Day Core Chaos - for those that are tired of a stiff back and no results doing sit-ups and crunches every workout.

28 Day Game Day Ready - for those that want to bring out the athlete in themselves and regain their Game Day Body.

28 Day Muscle Maximizer - for those skeptics that think resistance bands can’t build muscle definition.

28 Day Super Hero Program - for those looking to move like Spiderman while getting joints and muscle feeling awesome.

28 Day SeniorSTRONG Program - for all senior Band Gym members that want to use bands to slow down Father Time.


Special Band Gym Training Guides that Include:

  • The Band Gym Travel Guide
  • The Thunder-Band Training Guide
  • The Dynamic Stabilizer Guide
  • Your 4-G Finisher Guide
  • How to Build Your Own Home Band Gym

Instant Access to The Band Gym Setup and Exercise Vault which consist of:

  • 200+ Exercises Videos categorized for easy access
  • 40+ Band Gym Setup Videos

Extensive Band Gym Resource Library that includes:

  • 40+ Band Gym Minute video training tips
  • Resources for Trainers and Coaches
  • Direct Contact Page to Dave
  • Band Gym Mini Course
  • Training Accessory Instruction
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Plus with the NEW BAND GYM App, YOU Can Now Have YOUR Band Gym along with Your Favorite Band Gym Workouts and Programs at Your Fingertips Anytime, Anywhere.


Dave... What's the Catch???

There is no catch... And No Tricks.

I know that seeing is believing.

So for 30 days I want YOU to see and feel for yourself the game changing impact of resistance band training by allowing you to take full advantage of everything we provide to our present "All Access" Band Gym Members.

Discover for yourself how 100's of individuals are getting better and staying better working out with resistance bands the right way while following a training system that has been around since 2005.

Dave... What Happens at the end of the 30 Day $1 Trial Membership??

On Day 24 of your $1 Trial Band Gym Membership, I will email you to let you know your membership will be ending in 6 days.

At that time you have 2 Options:

Option 1 - IF YOU WANT TO REMAIN A MEMBER FOR 1 YEAR (which I hope is the case), you will be given the opportunity to join The Band Gym at $127 (Not $199) and continue having "total access" to The Band Gym and me as your coach for 1 Full Year.

Option 2 - IF YOU WISH TO NOT REMAIN A MEMBER (which I hope is not the case) you will be provided immediate instructions on how to cancel your membership so no charge is made to your credit card.

Dave... What if I miss your email??

No worries, all you have to do is email me at and we will credit back the $127 ASAP.

Understand this...

My goal is not to trick you into a membership. I simply want to make it as risk free as possible for you to test out The Band Gym and discover for yourself what 100's of other fitness minded individuals, just like YOU, already know.

Resistance Band Training is the secret to consistent, joint friendly, unlimited workout options that train your body the way it was designed to work and as a result help you achieve Fitness Longevity.

Your RBT Challenge

I honestly believe that if you are provided a "Done-for-YOU" resistance band training program for 28 Days that you can easily commit to doing 4 days per week for 20 Minutes, you will learn and feel the impact resistance band training will add to your 2022 fitness journey. The RBT Challenge is waiting for you in The Band Gym.

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I look forward to working with you over the next 30 Days.

Coach Dave

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