Resistance Band Training versus Weight Training – Part 2

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Real World Differences Between Resistance Band Training and Weight Training

In Part 1, I covered the functional-based benefits behind why resistance band training versus weight training may be better when it comes to developing functional strength.

In Part 2, I will shift towards giving you “Real World” benefits of using resistance bands versus free weights for developing muscle strength.

Real World Benefits of Resistance Band Training

6. Portability is a must for consistency

To get stronger, you must get the work done. In today’s fast paced world, finding time to strength train and workout can be difficult. Resistance bands are endless in how much resistance they can provide anywhere, anytime, for anybody.

Getting stronger while working out is not easy and neither is carrying around free weights. Resistance bands will go where you need to go to get the work done so you can get the strength results you are looking for.
RBT Band Training

7. Burning fat means feeling the burn with multi-joint, full range of motion exercises

It has been well documented that the fastest way to burn fat is with interval circuit-based strength training done at high levels of intensity. Now add to that multi-force vector training and the ability to work through the entire range of motion—which can really only occur using resistance bands—and you have even greater calorie expenditure potential.

Unlike free weight training, resistance band training requires you to train through the full range of motion which, in turn, requires a greater workout load. Yes, having to accelerate a dead weight takes significant effort but training through a full range of motion and accelerating the resistance throughout that range of motion creates a double effort.

8. Resistance band strength training for beginners…no problem!

Weight training for many individuals can and is intimidating. The fear of injury, which weight to lift, how to effectively perform the lift, and simply having to go into a weight room, will often prevent many people from starting an effective weight training program.

Resistance bands do not intimidate people and they can provide more than enough resistance and strength training options to get the desired strength gains.
RBT Band Training

9. Strength training for the ages

It’s a known fact that everyone can benefit from a strength training program. But not everyone can workout using free weights. Let’s face it, most weight rooms are not designed for senior citizens, middle school children or handicapped individuals.

The flat construction of resistance bands along with there easy accommodating resistance and exercise versatility make resistance bands the most user friendly strength training tool on the market. Anyone can use bands to strength train as long as they have the determination to get the work done.

10. Affordable for all

No question weight training can improve strength but to create a lifestyle change it takes making strength training fun and affordable. Resistance bands provide the ability to train all aspects of fitness and performance for less than what it costs to join a gym for one month. It also does not require additional space or setup adjustments.

The fact is, you can train with resistance bands anywhere and get great strength gains without breaking your budget or remodeling your home.
RBT Band Training


Weight training has traditionally been considered the only way to get stronger while resistance bands were considered primarily a rehab tool. Today’s heavy duty resistance bands can challenge the strongest of the strong as well as the strength training novice. It simply comes down to knowledge, getting after it and finding the right tools to get it done.

To start utilizing bands and seeing all the benefits that resistance band training can offer you and your clients, check out the 4 Week Starter Band Training program.