Reactive Core-Cardio Follow Along Workout

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Reactive Core-Cardio Follow Along Workout

About the Reactive Core-Cardio Follow Along Workout

I like to put core training with cardio training by ramping up the speed of the movements. By doing this it teaches my core to become a reactive stabilizer of my low back which is exactly what it needs to be. Today’s Reactive Core-Cardio Follow Along Workout does exactly that. Every exercise in this workout is a core challenge, but as you will see, some of them crank up your heart rate at the same time.

Training Recommendations

Program Design

Work Set Time: 30 Seconds
Rest Between Sets: 15 Seconds
# of Total Sets Per Round: 8
# of Exercises Alternated Through Per Round: 8
# of Recommended Rounds: 3
(Rounds can always be modified based on time available)


  1. Lateral Walks
  2. Mt Climbers
  3. Lateral Core Hops (Arm Emphasis)
  4. Overloaded Mt Climbers
  5. Lateral Core Hops (Hip Emphasis)
  6. Lateral Step Mt Climbers with Overload
  7. Drop Squats (Thigh Emphasis)
  8. Mt Climber Switch


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