Moving Better Should be Your Goal

It’s probably no surprise that the majority of people that exercise, do it because they want to look great. That’s not a bad goal, but keeping you body moving well should be you #1 goal.

A body that lacks the optimal muscle flexibility or joint range of motion (due pain or stiffness) is a body that will not be able to exercise. Lack of exercise will limit your ability to look and feel great.

When you stop and think about it, life is all about keeping our body moving well which requires exercising the body using a 360-degree functional approach. The inability to move our muscles and joints freely and spontaneously in multiple directions will limit our ability to experience life at any age.

A traditional exercise program that focuses on using a free weight tool allows you to train in only one plane. A Quantum Band’s unique lightweight, continuously-looped design allows you to quickly attach bands directly to the body in multiple ways. This versatility allows you to develop flexibility, mobility and strength while performing traditional resisted pushing, pulling or squatting movement as well as everyday movements like reaching, lifting, bending and stairs.

Taking it one step further—bands allow more recreationally active individuals to perform resisted swinging, running, jumping, throwing or punching. Being strong is great, but being able to easily perform any day to day or recreational activity you want is what makes life fun.

“Being able to easily perform any day-to-day activity you want is what makes life fun.”

How to Move Better With Bands

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