8 Great Band Exercises for Golfers

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Band Exercises for Golfers

There are key areas that an active aging golfer must focus on during their weekly workout routine to keep themselves strong and mobile so they can continue to enjoy the game and stay injury free. Fortunately, RBT allows them to train all of these aspects of fitness effectively and conveniently.

  1. Mid-Spine Rotation
  2. Hip Rotation Mobility
  3. Hamstring Stretching
  4. Core Activated Hip Flexor Mobility
  5. Hip Hinging Movement
  6. Posterior Shoulder Mobility
  7. Rotational Strength and Power

8 Band Exercises

Here are 8 band exercises I would suggest golfers add into their weekly workout routine. Together these exercises will address the key areas mentioned above that are frequently limited, weak or lack activation.

  1. 3-Point Mid-Spine Stretch
  2. Hip Rotation Stretching
  3. Hamstring Stretching
  4. Ground Zero Swings
  5. 1 Arm High Rows with Parallel Stance
  6. 1 Arm Split Squat Push
  7. Parallel Stance Halo
  8. Front Squat

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