Band Gym Workout

Complete Upper Body Band Gym Workout

This Band Gym Workout is designed to create muscle definition while increasing strength and power throughout the entire upper body using Quantum Bands.
Nov 30, 2018 /
resistance band training

Is Resistance Band Training Right For YOU?

Over the years I have been asked by 1000's of people if resistance band training is right for them and where should they begin. Here are the top 10 questions you should ask yourself to see if resistance band training is a good fit for you.
Nov 18, 2018 /
ab stabilization workout

Starter Ab Stabilization Workout

The abs are not designed to be movers of the lower back. So stop with the crunches, sit-ups, and leg raises. Implement this Ab Stabilization Workout.
Oct 2, 2018 /
shoulder press workout

Shoulder Press Workout

The pillar shoulder press workout is an awesome shoulder strength training workout that is joint friendly and creates ab and scapular stabilization.
Oct 2, 2018 /
push up challenge workout

Crawling Push Up Challenge Workout

Combining crawling, push ups, and a resistance band instantly creates a push up challenge workout that builds serious muscle strength and definition.
Sep 26, 2018 /
Band Pulling Workout

Heavy Band Pulling Workout

Here is a perfect example of a Heavy Band Pulling Workout that gets every mid back pulling muscle while quickly changing up planes of movement.
Sep 26, 2018 /
Upper Body Challenge Workout

Attached Upper Body Challenge Workout

The Upper Body Challenge Workout is a rep based workout that uses a rep scheme of 21-15-9-5. You will alternate through 6 different attached band exercises using 3 different levels of band resistance for specific exercises. 
Aug 23, 2018 /

10 Advanced Band Exercises for the Arms

Over the years I have come across 10 advanced band exercises for the arms I rarely see trainers or fitness enthusiasts attempting. Here are a few rules to keep in mind when progressing into more advanced band exercises.
Aug 23, 2018 /
4 Way Band Arm Workout

Follow-Along 4 Way Band Arm Workout

Arm workouts can get boring. This 4 Way Band Arm Workout will change things up and carve up the arms using multiple planes and 4 different exercises.
Aug 23, 2018 /

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