Flexible Holiday Workout

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About the Flexible Holiday Workout

Holidays can get in the way when it comes to working out. To make sure this doesn’t happen you have to build in workout flexibility, and I am not referring to stretching your muscles.

What I mean is creating a Flexible Holiday Workout that can last 8 to 40 minutes. Therefore, as long as you have 8 minutes you’re good to go.

Training Recommendations

Program Design

Alternate through all 8 exercises with 45 seconds of work, followed by 15 seconds of rest, then transition to the next exercise. Complete all 8 exercises and repeat the same sequence as many times as you have time for.


  1. Push Press
  2. Bent Over or Seated Row
  3. Push Up
  4. Front Squat or Drop Squat
  5. Straight Leg Deadlift
  6. Triceps Press
  7. Hammer Curl
  8. Mt Climber

Let me take you through each exercise and how to quickly transition through each, changing up band resistance when needed.

Equipment Needed for This Workout

You will need a Single Band Package for this Flexible Holiday Workout.

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Medium Single Band Package - Core-Legs-Shoulders Follow Along Workout