Dynamic Stabilizer – Dumbbell Contrast Workout

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About the Dynamic Stabilizer – Dumbbell Contrast Workout

Anytime you can bring your hips on board during a workout, good things are going to happen. The hips are the body’s power center. They are what keep us balanced over any base of support, and they are what make us go when it comes to any form of locomotion.

This Dynamic Stabilizer – Dumbbell Contrast Workout is a great way to get the hips working more aggressively with any lower body exercise. It’s also a great way to develop hip, abdominal and lower body strength, as you soon will find out.

Training Recommendations

Workout Design

Alternate between the 3 exercises below, performing each exercise for 45 seconds followed by 15 seconds to rest/transition to the next exercise. Complete this 3 exercise circuit 5 times for a 15-minute metabolic workout.


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Dynamic Stabilizer-Dumbbell Contrast Workout