Band Complex Workout

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Band Complex Workout

About the Band Complex Workout

Following a little crossfit type programming, this Band Complex Workout will allow you to challenge your entire body using 1 complex movement for a designated time that you choose based on the amount of time you want to commit to getting better.

The complex exercise is a curl press overhead squat using one band. If your goal is to increase strength, you will want to choose a higher level of band resistance and perform lower reps per set. If your goal is fat loss, you will choose a lower resistance band and increase your rep per set range. I provide you with options for both below.

Training Recommendations

Training for Strength

Perform 4 reps every 60 seconds using a purple or green X-large band. Complete 12 total minutes.

Training for Fat Loss

Perform 6 reps every 60 seconds using a red or black medium band. Complete 12 total minutes.

Exercise Complex

Curl Press Overhead Squat

Products Used in this Workout

Medium Single Band Package

Medium Single Band Package - Band Complex Workout