Attached Upper Body Challenge Workout

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Upper Body Challenge Workout

Upper Body Challenge Workout

The following Upper Body Challenge Workout is a rep based workout that uses a rep scheme of 21-15-9-5

You will alternate through 6 different attached band exercises using 3 different levels of band resistance for specific exercises. Pulling should be the strongest band versus arms will be the smallest bands.

You should do 21 reps of each exercise before moving to 15 reps of each exercise before going to 9 reps of each exercise and then finishing with 5 reps of each exercise. Record the time it takes for you to finish.

Band Setups

Choose a pair of bands that will allow you to train all 6 exercises knowing that smaller muscle groups will be placed at a lower starting tension. One pair of bands has a 30 to 40 lb variance which makes transitioning between exercises with this type of workout seamless.

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Upper Body Challenge Workout

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