Training with Bands… It’s a Reaction not just a contraction

Training with Bands and the Power of the Palm



I use to say that training with bands was all about getting the body to react not just contract.  This still remains a constant and is something I learn more about every day I continue to train with bands.


For instances, let’s look at training with bands while performing pull a parts and horizontal chest press.  By placing the band correctly into the palm of the hand, it instantly allows you activate the scapular retractors which in turn help improve scapular stability.


The same thing is true about placing the handle into the palm of the hand while performing a horizontal chest press.  The handles press against the palm of the hand which proprioceptively facilitates the serratus anterior to become more actively involved in the movement.


Bands unique flat construction allows a greater surface area to be impacted on the palm, which in turn creates a better facilitation of the scapula during pull a parts.   Since bands can easily form around the palm, this makes training with band a much greater activator of key postural muscles.







Many individuals that start training with bands feel the handles are not necessary however to optimize band training I find training handles to be a key accessory in getting muscles to react not just contract.





Getting BETTER with BANDS





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    Dave, I really like these tips and video links. It has really helped as I prepare for the ACE examination. For some reason, I can’t view the video on this post. Thanks Dave!

  7. April 13, 2012 at 6:29 am, Alex Katsanos said:

    Wow Dave, more great info on maximal trunk activation/stabilization…gotta get a set of those handles…great stuff!


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