Women: Who Says You Have to Lift Weights to Get Stronger?

Stop beating up your body and not getting results. RBT is your anywhere, anytime, any movement training option that will eliminate any obstacle stopping you from looking, feeling and moving the best you ever have.

Best Starting Band Exercises for Women

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How to Order and Receive Your Free Gifts

Step 1

Choose from one of the most popular Female Fitness Packages.

Economy Fitness PackageEFP1

Great total fitness package that is designed for females with above average strength who enjoy pushing themselves. Perform any RBT exercise including upper body, lower body and all locomotion exercises.

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Starter Fitness PackageSFP1

If you are looking to get started with RBT or have below average strength, this is the training kit you are looking for. Perform all upper and lower body exercises as well as awesome ab training.

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Total Fitness PackageTFP1

This is for those females who are really strong or want a package they can share with their husband, children or significant other. Perform any exercise and never worry about having enough resistance.

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Step 2

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Step 3

Watch for your thank you email to arrive which will provide you instructions on how to access your 3 free digital manuals. We look forward to helping you Get Better with Bands.



How to Use a Dynamic Stabilizer


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