Band Training in Multiple Planes of Motion

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Training in multiple planes

A body that exercises in one plane loses the ability to move in other planes. This is the case if you only lift weights which only allows you to train in one plane of motion using 1 force vector. The key to staying flexible, mobile and strong is to band train in multiple planes of motion.

7 Ways to Train Outside the Sagittal Plane

Here are 7 exercises that demonstrate how to train outside the sagittal plane.

1. Forward Lunge with a Frontal Plane Vector

By creating a frontal plane vector, this will not only require the quadriceps to handle body weight force vertically but it will require the hip to handle a frontal plane force at the same time. Great exercise for improving lateral change of direction.

2. Hose Pulls

Hose pulls bring in the transverse (rotational) plane into a simple horizontal pulling exercise. Not only does this work the mid-back muscles but, based on how you place your foot, it will also create a significant stabilizing demand on the hip muscles. Specifically the Glute Medius.

3. Overhead Triceps Press with a Back Step

With a strong horizontal vector and an overhead reach, that activates the abs instantly, this band training exercise, turns routine triceps presses into a reactive deceleration exercise with the emphasis on the abs as the primary decelerator of movement.

4. Band Lateral Drop Press

This is primarily a band training exercise that impacts the vertical force vector. However, adding a simple lateral or drop step action to the movement instantly loads the frontal plane and transverse plane unilaterally. Not to mention it really jacks up the metabolic workload.

5. Turn and Go with Shuffle Returns

This locomotion drill band training exercise brings in every single plane while using both a horizontal and vertical force vector. Once mastered, this drill also creates both a bottom up and a top down driver of motion that makes this a total body band training exercise.

6. Single Arm Rotational Pushes

A simple horizontal chest press with bands takes on a totally different effect when adding in the transverse plane. This movement will require the core to deal with a posterior directed force from the band which will be translated down into the hip as well.

Being a single arm exercise, it also creates an off-set load that immediately brings in the opposite side obliques to assist with stabilization on the eccentric phase and force production on the concentric phase.

7. Overhead Step Pillar

This takes a simple standing pillar out of the traditional saggital plane and puts it directly into the frontal plane. Not only does this simple band training exercise teach the core how to stabilize in the frontal plane, it also integrates the hip to do the same thing.

The following video demonstrates all of these Band Training Exercises

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6 Responses to "Band Training in Multiple Planes of Motion"
  1. As usual another awesome video by the Band Man. I will be doing some of these tonight definitely the lunges, hose pulls, and extensions. As I watch more of the videos while I work on my RBT certificate I realize how much better I can get by using bands to their full potential both with my clients and my own fitness.

  2. Marla says:

    Excellent exercises with great instruction! Thank you!

  3. The advantage of personal training is no longer something regarded exclusive to the specific group. It is just a popular vision now to observe anyone education alongside with your own trainer in the gym…

  4. Frank says:

    Dave I am a Judo player and read your articles on resistance band training when you send them out to my email. I was looking for a program for my Judo training that will give me strength along with aeorobic conditioning. Can you prescribe such a program with bands? thank you

  5. Jim Sieyes says:


    This is a great routine. Inspired..

    Many thanks,


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