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The Total Body AMRAP  will test you both physically and mentally by using an AMRAP (As Many Rounds As Possible) training format. You will be pushed to complete 6 different 2 opposing exercise stations that will ultimately challenge your entire body to get better. That’s the physical part. You will also be asked to do between 8 to 15 reps per set for 4 uninterrupted minutes which will be the mental challenge. This rep, versus time, based driven band workout is fortunately designed to test any fitness level by putting you in control of how hard you want to push it.

Workout Format – You have 2 exercises per station. You will alternate between these 2 opposing exercises performing either 8 to 15 reps per set depending on your fitness level. It is important to keep the reps the same per set per exercise once you start. Completing both exercises 1 time will equal 1 round.  The goal is to complete as many rounds as possible (AMRAP) in 4 total minutes which will than complete that station. Rest 2 minutes between stations as you work through completing all 6 stations.

Total Workout Time – 34 Minutes (not including a warm up or cool down)

Equipment Needed – Multiple levels of single band resistance , a sturdy and secure band attachment point or Door Anchor Utility Strap.  Optional – Training handles  and training gloves which are both highly recommended.

Band Setup Requirements – You will use a combination of attached and attachment free setups which Dave will take you through before each station.


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