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The Ultimate Fitness Band Boot Camp Package


Ultimate Fitness Band Bootcamp Package – (10) Purple, (10) Black .75″, (6) Red, (4) Green, (4) Handles, (6) Utility Straps,  1- 6 Pack of Link Straps, Fitness Band Bootcamp Digital Video Series

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Product Name: The Ultimate Fitness Band Boot Camp Package

This package includes:

  •  Training EquipmentUFBCP21.jpg
    • 10 Purple Large Bands
    • 10 Black Medium Bands
    • 6  Red Small Bands
    • 4 Green XL Bands
    • 4 Pairs of Training Handles
    • 6 Band Utility Straps
    • 1-6 Pack of Link Straps (New Addition not seen in picture)
  • Digital Resource and Program Manual
    • Loaded for Success
    • Continuous 2 Minute Partner Training
    • Partner Band Training
    • Express Band Workout Library
    • Fusion Workouts
    • Fitness Band Bootcamp Setup Guide
    • Stretching YOUR Athleticism
    • Done for YOU Marketing Emails
    • 70 Band Training Tips
  • Program Sound Tracks
    • 30-30
    • 45-15
    • 20-10
    • 50-10
    • Continuous 2 Minutes

RBT_FBB_PI3_v1.jpgThe Fitness Band Bootcamp includes 4 digital Video Series,  the Partner Band Training Digital video, 9 PDF Training Manuals and 5 downloadable interval sound tracks to help automate your workouts.

Who should purchase this Package:

Make yourself the ultimate “on the go” boot camp fitness professional or coach
and eliminate having to carry around all that back breaking training equipment.

The Ultimate Fitness Band Boot Camp Package will do exactly that while providing you unlimited group training resources and training options

This package is not offered anywhere else because no other band retailer puts as much time into educating their customers as we do at

After several years of educating Fitness Pros about which bands to buy for their adult boot camps, I eliminated all the decision making by creating the exact package I use to train my 15 to 20 person boot camp with only bands.   I promise there is no other flat resistance band online retailer that has created anything like this.  Stop breaking your back with heavy equipment and get yourself set up with your own Fitness Band Bootcamp today.

The Ultimate Fitness Band Boot Camp Training Band and Digital Resource package is the best place to start if you are looking at transforming your camp into the ultimate anywhere, anybody, any exercise at any intensity large group training program.

At Resistance Band Training, we want to provide you the ultimate in resistance band education. Your first band purchase gives you access to our Customer Portal, where you will find complimentary training and resources that help you GET BETTER WITH BANDS.

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