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The Complex workout is going to require you to be able to transition through 6 exercises per station with minimal rest between exercises. The exercises will either be all attached or all attachment free exercises. Dave takes you through how to set up for each station to make exercise transition seamless. You will need to be familiar with the exercises to make the workout flow efficiently which is why it is a more advanced workout. However when you are able to complete this workout, you have reached a mastery level of RBT that few have reach.

Workout Format – You will be asked to flow through a 6 exercise station performing 30-40 or 50-second work sets and resting only as needed between exercises. Once you complete all 6 exercises you will take a 2 to 3 minute break, depending on your work time, before proceeding to the next station and 6 new exercises.

Total Workout Time – Approximately 32 minutes (not including a warm up or cool down)

Equipment Needed Р3 to 4 different levels of single band resistance.  A sturdy and secure band attachment point or Door Anchor Utility Strap.   Optional РTraining handles and training gloves which are highly recommended.

Band Setup Requirements – You will use a combination of attached and attachment free setups to complete The Complex Workout.


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