THE B.A.R. Twin Pack (2 Bars)


Fitness Bar Pack – (2) Fitness Bars



Supersize YOUR Home Band Gym or Training Facility…..

Having the ability to attach bands to multiple locations in your training facility creates several additional advantages and training benefits besides all the benefits that come with a Single BAR.

  1.  Multiple people can train at one time
  2. You can perform reciprical training
  3.  Makes attached band circuits training and design super easy to set up
  4. Allows for multi-vector band training
  5. Most cost effective, secure and band friendly way to add in multiple band setup
  6. Great for combining speed with strength training

Why have 2 BARS?

Just like the single Bar System, The Twin B.A.R. Pack comes complete with easy mounting instructions and specific “anatomically based”  alignment guidance to ensure a customize placement that specifically fits YOUR stature.

Made in the USA, The Twin B.A.R Pack like any Resistance Band Training product comes
with our Guaranteed Satisfaction

Don’t Wait Another Day, Super Size YOUR Home Band Gym or Training facility by going with the Twin BAR Package.

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