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Have you ever wondered what it would be like to workout for 15 seconds??  Anyone can work for 15-seconds RIGHT??  Well you are about to find out. The Stacked Finisher Metcon is a workout I designed several years ago to help clients become proficient at a particular band exercise.   However I need to warn you, it will also trick your body into working at a higher intensity by stacking short 15-second work sets.   By stacking 6 to 8  / 15-second work sets with a quick 5-second between each set it automatically drives up the intensity as you will soon discover.  Anyone can exercise for 15-seconds and the 5-second break is just long enough for you to refocus for the next set.  Once you complete 6 to 8 sets you rest and get ready for the next exercise.

Workout Format – You will be asked to perform 1 exercise for 15-seconds before taking a short 5-second rest. You will repeat this 20-second sequence 6 to 8 times to complete 1 round. You will then rest  60-seconds and move to the next exercise. The goal is to complete all 10 exercises.  The key to this workout is sticking to the rest time exactly.  Not longer and not shorter.  The compounding effect of doing multiple short work sets will automatically raise the intensity bar.

Total Workout Time – 36 minutes (not including a warm up or cool down).

Equipment Needed – 2 or 3 different levels of band resistance  Optional – RBT Training Gloves (highly recommended) and an 18” x 1” piece of PVC or some type of short bar.

Band Setup Requirements – Only attachment free setups using a single 41″ Quantum band.


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