Small Single Band Package


Small Single Band Package – (1) Orange, (1) Red, (1) Black .75″, (1) Purple  (Low or Beginner Strength Level)


Product Name –   Small Single Band Package

This Package includes: 

  • 1 Orange band
  • 1 Red band
  • 1 Black band
  • 1 Purple band

Recommendations for purchasing this package:

  • Looking for a light assisted Pull up band package for the person that wants to do more than 2 pullups
  • Beginner bands and resistance to perform all attachment free single band training
  • Great travel package when including a Band Utility Strap for a person that needs moderate resistance
  • For the person interested in sampling our most popular adult fitness band levels for their training facility
  • Progressive Flexibility package using the bands 90% of adults use for stretching

Great Single Band Package Workout

Additional information

Weight 1 lbs

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