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Keeping your body strong at any age is the key to having the opportunity to continue doing the things you enjoy doing.  However for many 60+ individuals, traditional strength training, with weights, is becoming less of an option due to past injury, aging joint pain, inconvenience or lack of knowledge.

SeniorSTRONG is different because it uses resistance bands as the primary strength training tool.  Resistance band  provide 60+ fitness minded adults a joint friendly, convenient, versatile and easily adaptable strength training tool that can be done by Anyone – Anywhere – Anytime doing Any Movement.  

When successfully completed The 28 Day SeniorSTRONG Strength Building Program will provide increases in strength, that will transfer into noticeable improvements in balance, endurance, energy, coordination, mobility, core stability and flexibility.  All things an active aging adult needs, to keep looking, feeling and moving great for a lifetime.

Thanks, Dave
I’m working on ’senior strength’ right now.
Love your conscientiousness and care in creating this program.
Really cool when you say ‘where training for movement, not muscles.’
Brilliant strategy.
Pat McNamara

The Secret to SeniorSTRONG success is simple.   We teach and train you how to push, pull, press, squat and lunge in multiple patterns which in turn helps slow down Father Times impact on decreasing strength, mobility, flexibility, balance and coordination.  Fortunately with the light-weight pliability of resistance bands, they allow you to easily strength train the body in any position while working against a resistance that is very accommodating. As a result SeniorSTRONG doesn’t just get you “Gym Strong” it makes you “Life Strong.   

SeniorSTRONG Program Goals

  • You will learn 18 Band Exercises that when mastered will strengthen the total body
  • You will be provided a convenient anywhere workout solution that will allow for consistent workouts anywhere
  • You will be provided workouts that last 30 to 35 minutes in length, making them very easy to complete
  • You will see a noticeable increase in muscle strength using exercises that look like daily movement patterns of pushing, pulling, squatting and lunging
  • You will see improves “standing” mobility, flexibility, balance and joint stability which will make walking feel great  
  • You will not experience post exercise joint soreness and in most cases you will see a decrease in existing joint pain and stiffness.
  • You will ultimately be able to build own band workouts anywhere you want to workout

Here is what you receive in the SeniorSTRONG 

1 – Downloadable PDF Training Manual with all instruction videos linked into the manual for quick one click learning

2 – A complete 4 week training program with done-for-you workouts each week that provide you exact sets, reps and exercises

3 – Pre-program instructional videos that will walk you through how to successfully complete the 28 Day SeniorSTRONG Program

4 – Equipment recommendations and online purchase suggestions

5 – Fast and friendly workout training support through support email or direct message



My balance and flexibility is better than ever. (at 72) That is because I have moved from almost entirely weight training to Resistance Bands…….

I am turning 72 this month. I am not as strong as I was in my 50’s but I am stronger than most men 20 years my junior. My balance and flexibility are better than ever. That is because I have moved from almost entirely weight training to Resistance Bands, Yoga and some moderate weight training.  Any time I lift weights more than moderately, I feel it in my joints far more than in my muscles and that is not a good thing.  I have tried other resistance band training programs. Dave’s bands and his training programs are the best I have found anywhere.

Lou Drakulich

Band Gym Owner and Enthusiast



I train only with bands three to four times a week for thirty to forty minutes…….. My Chiropractor confirmed that my back is in excellent condition


I’m seventy-eight. I trained with weights for years. When I passed seventy, motivation reduced: I worried about lower back pain and injured joints. I gave my weights and power rack to a friend’s grandson, a keen bodybuilder.

I trained with Kettlebells for several years and enjoyed short, intense routines. However, when I passed seventy-five, I had the same concerns as when I trained with weights.  Training with kettlebells, I discovered Dave Schmitz and Getting Better With Bands; a God Sent. Bands gradually replaced Kettlebells. I’ve not trained with Kettlebells this past year.

Now I train only with bands three to four times a week for thirty to forty minutes. I feel better for it. My Chiropractor confirmed that my back is in excellent condition and I’m in great shape. These days there are no aches and pains.

Thanks, Dave for the great equipment and advice.

Kind regards,

Jim Sieyes

RBT Fitness Enthusiasts


Don’t Get Gym Strong…. Get SeniorSTRONG with Resistance Bands and Keep Enjoying Life to it’s Fullest





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