RBT For Swimming (Digital)


RBT For Swimming (Digital)


This video series and downloadable digital PDF training manual will provide coaches, athletes and trainers the knowledge needed to incorporate resistance bands into any level of competitive swimming.

Product Name: Resistance Band Training for Swimming

This Package includes: Digital Video series and 1 downloadable PDF training manual.

What will you learn from these videos?

  •  Why band training is a perfect training tool for swimming
  • How to improve dynamic hip and shoulder mobility specific for swimming and injury prevention
  • How to use resistance bands to improve core and postural stability to enhance performance
  • How to create in-season and out of season strength training programs that can be done pool side or away from the pool
  • How to improve peripheral joint stability where it counts for a swimmer
  • How to use a towel & band as a core strength training tool
  • How to eliminate shoulder muscle imbalances and eliminate the #1 cause of shoulder pain in swimming
  • Where to focus your strength training program based on structural needs of young swimmers
  • Common dysfunctions seen in most swimmers and how to eliminate them with proper training

As a swim coach or athlete “Resistance Band Training for Swimming” will:

  • Provide athletes with an alternative to the weight room strength and conditioning
  • Help develop a competitive swimmer’s strength in and out of the water
  • Provide athletes with a noticeable advantage within weeks of implementing the program
  • Keep swimmers injury free, especially through the shoulder region
  • Provide proven “Anywhere” total body workouts for any level of swimmer
  • Provide guidance on how to train in and out of season to maximize performance when it counts
  • Teach athletes what areas they must key into when it comes to strength training for swimming

This RBT Exclusive Swimming video series is a “Go To” resource for top swimming athletes and coaches everywhere that want to understand how resistance band training will improve their performance and continue swimming way beyond their competitive years.

Watch Introduction to RBT for Swimming

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