Quick Kids Speed and Agility Program (Digital)


Quick Kids Speed and Agility Program (Digital)


Training young athletes to become quicker and more agile is easy using resistance bands.  The difficulty comes in making sure you progress them safely while always building on success.

This 6 Week Quick Kids Speed Development program will provide you the following:

  • How to set up your band training area anywhere?
  • Which bands to choose for your young athletes?
  • How to safely acclimate young athletes to resistance band training?
  • Which drills are best to start with?
  • How to use the warm up as a teaching time?
  • 12 Proven workouts for both speed and strength that you can do anywhere
  • Training games to keep speed training fun and focused
  • How to start working on Reactive Field Speed Training
  • Bonus speed drills for the more elite athletes
  • Ways to go from individual to team training in bands


“Parents were amazed and the coach was impressed as well”

Thank you Dave,  I did my first kids speed and agility session today at a soccer camp. I was super excited and scared as well. Had about 30-35 children ages 11 and up. Parents were amazed and the coach was impressed as well. I do believe they felt they were in a professional speed and agility camp.  I really appreciate your guidance and intelligence about human performance. Found out I am going to need more bands. 
Thank You Again, 

Here is what you will receive:

Upon completion of your purchase you will immediately be taken to a page with a downloadable manual link and provide instructions on how to quickly save this manual to your computer.  This 41 page PDF downloadable manual will provide you embedded video clips so you can watch actual young middle school athletes perform the drill while I narrate you through the drill.

All video clips are placed on a private website so you do not have to download any videos.  Only the manual which will take you literally seconds to do.  Once on you have the Quick Kids manual on your computer you can refer back to it as much as you need to.


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