Fitness Band Bootcamp (DVDs)

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Fitness Band Boot Camp (DVDs)

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Learn How To “MAKE MORE and WORK LESS” As The World’s Premier Resistance Band Training Specialist Reveals His Trademarked DONE-4-YOU Fitness BAND Boot Camp Training System!

Dave Schmitz (aka.. The Band Man) provides You With The Most Simple, Convenient, And Affordable Methods To Be Able To Start Your First Break Through Fitness Band Boot Camp… TOMORROW…. So You Can Finally Make More Money in One Training Session, Than You Used To Make In An Entire Day and still get superior RESULTS that other trainer are missing out on!

Who Should Order the Fitness Band Bootcamp DVDs Resource

  • Fitness Professionals looking to add resistance into their large or semi-private training programs
  • Start up Fitness Professional looking to start a Fitness Camp on a shoestring budget
  • Fitness Professionals looking for 50+ Done-for-You video instructed band workouts
  • Coaches looking at adding in Resistance Band Workouts into their athletic programs

 Start YOUR Fitness Band Bootcamp Tomorrow  


Fitness Band Bootcamp DVD Package includes:

  • 9 Digital Manuals
    • Loaded for Success
    • Express Band Workout Library
    • Fusion Workouts
    • Fitness Band Boot Camp Set up Guide
    • Stretching Your Athleticism
    • Done for your Emails
    • 70 Tips
    • Partner Band Training E-guide
    • Continuous 2 Minute Group Band Workouts
  • 3 DVDs of workouts and Training Setups
  • 2 DVDs of the Exclusive RBT Partner Band Training
  • 5 Automated Training Sound Tracks
    • 30-30
    • 45-15
    • 20-10
    • 50-10
    • Continuous 2 Minutes  

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