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Instant Access to 10-1 band Follow Along Workouts with The Band Man !!


Product name: Crunch20 Attached Workouts

Tired of having to create your own workouts and then question if you are performing the exercises and workout correctly??

The Crunch20 Workout Series is a bundle of 10 – 20 minutes “follow along workouts” created and instructed by The Band Man himself, Dave Schmitz”. These are some of the exact workouts Dave does personally as well as with his group fitness classes each and every week.

Crunch20 workouts are time efficient 20 minute total body interval workouts that use time based sets that are easily to follow and modified for any fitness level.  Attached workouts will only require 2 or 3 different strength level single bands and an attachment point. An accessory like the RBT utility strap makes working out anywhere, anytime at your intensity a reality.   A Single Band Package is perfect for these workouts.

Don’t keep beating up your body lifting weights only. Crunch20 attached workouts will provide you an incredible workout option without all the joint and muscle pain that comes with lifting weights as the body ages.

Follow along on any portable device as Dave takes you through the entire 20 minute workout from start to finish. Done on a weekly basis Crunch20 workout series will provide awesome interval strength training results that will challenge your entire body to build lean muscle, burn fat and improve your mobility while allowing you to train anywhere, anytime at the intensity you want.

… And of course you get to feed off The Band Man’s unlimited energy and enthusiasm that he brings to every Crunch20 workout.

Workout 1


  • Station 1: Chest Press – Squat Row – Stationary Skip
  • Station 2: Split Squat Right – Split Squat Left – Skater

Workout 2


  • Station 1: Bentover Press Right – Bentover Press Left – Switch Drill
  • Station 2: Squat – Alternating Low Reach – Ground Zero Swing

Workout 3


  • Station 1: Triceps Press – Curl – Frog Jump
  • Station 2: Reverse Lunge Right – Reverse Lunge Left – Overhead March

Workout 4


  • Station 1: Single Arm Row Right – Single Arm Row Left – Shuffle Right Acceleration
  • Station 2: Single Arm Chest Press Right – Single Arm Chest Press Left – Shuffle Left Acceleration

Workout 5


  • Station 1: Squat Push – Pull a Parts – Back Pedals
  • Station 2: Lunge Towards Right – Lunge Towards Left – Running Mt Climber

Workout 6


  • Station 1: Assisted Push Up – Power Row – Stepovers
  • Station 2: Side Lunge Right – Side Lunge Left – Db / Band Skier Swings

Workout 7


  • Station 1: Pillar Press Right – Pillar Press Left – Dynamic Stabilizer Step Over
  • Station 2: Step Up Right – Step Up Left – Forward Jab Step

Workout 8


  • Station 1: Pillar Row Right – Pillar Row Left – Side Crawl Right
  • Station 2: Split Squat Curl – Split Squat Triceps Press – Side Crawl Left

Workout 9


  • Station 1: Frog Jumps – Skaters – Downward Dog Assist
  • Station 2: Hose Pull Right – Hose Pull Left – Assisted Hip Lunges

Workout 10


  • Station 1 & 2: Chest Press – Row – Bentover – Press – Bentover Row (Lat Row) -Triceps Press – Bicep Curl
  • Alternate through all 6 exercise 3 times before taking 2 Minute rest and repeating same sequence


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