Beginner Band Package


Beginner Band Package – (2) Orange, (2) Red, (2) Black, (2) Purple


Product Name – Beginner Band Package

This Package includes: 

  • 1 pair of Orange bands (5 to 15 lbs of Resistance / Band)
  • 1 pair of Red 1/2 ” wide bands (10 to 35 lbs of Resistance / Band)
  • 1 pair of Black 3 /4 ” wide bands (25 to 50 lbs of Resistance / Band
  • 1 pair of Purple  1 1/8 ” wide bands (50 to 85 lbs of Resistance / Band

All bands are 41 inch long continuously looped layered bands 5 mm thick except orange micro which is 2.5 mm thick

Who should purchase this package:

Looking for a band package that will provided you a gym away from home.  This is it if accessories are not important.  Not only will you have all the resistance you need to get awesome workouts, this band only package also will fit all family members as well.  It is by far our most popular band only boot camp package.  Don’t let the beginner label fool you, this package will get after the most fit while introducing bands to those just getting started.

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