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Band attached training is one of the most joint friendly ways to interval strength train your body and this  Attached Total Body Metcon is the perfect workout to get started with if you struggle with achy joints after and during a workout.  Scale your band resistance and work to rest time to quickly choose the progression that matches your fitness level.  The beauty of this attached band workout is that we can combine interval strength with some band locomotion interval cardio.  Something that is more difficult to do with attachment free training.

Workout Format – You will alternate through 12 different 1 band attached exercises for 30 or 40-seconds of work before resting for 30 or 20-seconds. You will complete all 12 exercises which will be 1 round or cycle. You will rest 2 minutes and repeat the same sequence for 2 more rounds.

Total Workout Time – 40 Minutes (not including a warm up or cool down)

Equipment Needed – 2 to 4 bands of different resistance levels – A sturdy and secure band attachment point or a Door Anchor Utility Strap to train off a door jamb. Optional  – Training handles and training gloves optional which are highly recommended.

Band Setup Requirements – Multiple bands attached for easier transition between exercises.


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