41 Inch Red – Mini – Small Bands (1 Pair)


Pair Red Small Bands


Product Description –  Red Small Bands

This package includes: 2 (1 Pair) of red small bands

Dimensions of Bands:

Width: 1/2 inch

Thickness: 5 mm

Length: 41 inches

Approximate Resistance (in lbs):  15 to 55 Pounds / Band

Color: Red

Recommended Training Use:

  • Plyometric training
  • Light beginner level upper body strength training
  • Martial arts upper body speed drills or kicking
  • Shoulder rotator cuff training
  • Aggressive core or hip stabilization training
  • Age 9-10 youth 3 step speed training
  • Adult female upper body strength training
  • Beginner stretching band
  • Resisted barbell training for bench and dead-lifts
  • Low level pull up assistance

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The next size down of 41 inch band is the yellow super micro band.
The next size up of 41 inch band is the black medium band.

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