41-Inch Orange Super-Micro band (1 Pair)


Pair Orange Super-Micro Bands

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Product Name Orange Super-Micro band

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We’re discontinuing this color and have limited stock available.

This package includes: 2 (1 Pair) orange Super-Micro bands

Dimensions of Bands:

Width – 13/16 inch (Extra Wide Orange Band)
Thickness – 2.5 mm
Length – 41 inches
Approximate Resistance in lbs – 10 to 25 pounds
Color – Orange

Recommended Training Use

  • Rehabilitation programs
  • Resisted pillar training, scapular pull a parts
  • Can be used for teaching and light strength training
  • As an additional add on resistance to another band
  • Very deconditioned or weak individuals
  • Senior training
  • Beginner Upper body strength training

The Super-Micro Band was also designed as the best option for teaching upper and lower body movements to first time band users.  It’s slightly wider surface area is more comfortable and provides a greater durability than the standard micro band.  Therefore it is more tolerant to being used as a strength training band early on in a training program.

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