41 Inch Black Mega Band


41 Inch Black Mega Band


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Product Name – Single 41″ Black Mega Band

This Package Includes –  Single 41″ Black Mega Band


Width – 4 Inches

Thickness – 5 mm (15 Continuous Layers)

Length – 41 Inches

Approximate Variable Resistance – 150 to 400 lbs (Highest Quantum Band Resistance Available)

Color – Large Black


Recommended Training Use:

  • Extremely high resistance single band strength training workouts
  • Very aggressive pulling and rowing drills
  • Strongman training drills
  • Competitive Power lifting exercises (Deadlifts, Shrugs, Squats)

The Black Mega Band is not a band for beginners or those looking to do metabolic high rep workouts.  The Mega Band is designed for  individuals that want to perform maximal efforts with squats and dead-lifts to improve absolute strength.


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