28 Day Strength Builder



 Build Movement Strength and Muscle Definition without Beating Up Your Body Always Lifting Weights


The RBT 28-Day Strength Builder is a Complete Done-for-YOU 4 Week Training Program that will teach you how to transform your body by exclusively training with continuous looped resistance bands.


Upon completion of the RBT Strength Builder program you will:

  • Have mastered the top 10 Attached and Attachment Free band exercises
  • Be able to complete band hip and shoulder stretching series
  • Have mastered and become proficient performing a 10 to 12 minute dynamic warm up
  • Have eliminated 75% or more of all Foam roll pain
  • Be ready to advance a more aggressive 4-week RBT 28-Day program
  • Demonstrate the ability to apply higher levels of looped band resistance
  • Become comfortable with adding in some level of mobility to any strength training exercise


Stop Beating Up Your Body just lifting weights.   Let Dave “The Band Man”  Schmitz  teach you how to create mirror friendly Muscle Definition along with Optimal Movement Strength  while being blown away by how great your body feels and moves after every workout!! 


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