6 Pack Purple Dynamic Stabilizer (Buy 5 Get 1 Free)

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Dynamic Stabilizer Pack – (6) Purple


Product Name:   6 Pack 13″ Purple Dynamic Stabilizer Bands

This package includes:  6 – 13″ Purple Dynamic Stabilizer Bands (Buy 5 – Get 1 Free)

Dimensions of Bands:

Length – 13 Inches

Width –  1 1/2 Inch

Thickness – 2.5 mm (8 Continuous Layers)

Approximate Resistance   –  25-50 Lbs/ Band

Color – Purple


Recommended Training Use:

The 13″ Purple Dynamic Stabilizer provides the highest resistance of the 3 Dynamic Stabilizer bands.  It higher level of resistance makes it great option for training hip stabilization during more static movements like squatting, deadlifting or  overhead pressing.   This band may be to strong to do faster agility like movements.  As a result going with a 13″ Black, 13″ Green or sample package may be a better option.

The thickness of the dynamic stabilizer band makes it the most durable 100% latex mini band available.  Plus it will not roll up or twist while training like most thinner single layered bands do.


Super-size Your Dynamic Stabilizer Order

Best Way to purchase Purple Dynamic Stabilizers for Group Training

Buy 5 and Get 1 FREE when you buy a 13″ Purple Dynamic Stabilizer 6 pack. 


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