13-Inch Green Dynamic Stabilizer Band


Dynamic Stabilizer Band (Green)


Product Name: 13-Inch Green Dynamic Stabilizer Band

This package includes: 1 – 13 x 3/4 inch Dynamic Stabilizer Band

Dimensions of Bands:

13 inch long x 3/4 Inch Wide x 3.2 mm Thick

Recommended Training Use:

This 13 x 3/4 inch band is lowest level strength of the dynamic stabilizer series designed to help activate key muscles of the hip while performing the following exercise options:

  • Lateral walks
  • Lateral Shuffles
  • Monster walks
  • Ankle eversion walks
  • Various Hopping drills
  • Scapular Sets
  • Glut Medius activation with squatting
  • Step Matrix

Exercise Demo using Dynamic Stabilizer

Butt Workout using Dynamic Stabilizer


Additional information

Weight 1 lbs

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