Customize Basketball Training


Customize  a Basketball Band Training Package Designed to Enhance Your…

 First step speed, Court strength, Flexibility and Core stability while training anywhere, anytime with any athlete.

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The Band  Utility Strap is an optional piece that is available if you plan to train at home and need to hook your bands into a door jamb or onto a stable structure that might tear your bands if bands are hooked directly to it.  Click on Utility Strap image to watch set up video and learn more.

Make sure to purchase a Link Strap if you plan to link bands together for first step speed training

Band Recommendations for First Step Speed Training

Black Med Bands – Middle School athlete, young female HS athletes

Purple Lg Bands – High school male athletes and older female HS Athletes

Band Recommendations for 13″ Dynamic Stabilizers

Green – Middle school and Female HS Athletes

Black – Older Female and Male HS athletes

Band Recommendations for 1 Band Strength Training

 See Band Chart

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