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Product: Resistance Bands Unleashed DVD Series
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Attention coaches, Trainers, Athletes and Fitness Minded Individuals

Don't spend another dime on high priced non-portable, single exercise, dust collecting equipment that is obsolete in 2 months



Get your hands on the most comprehensive
resource dedicated 100% to
resistance band training!!



Your Anytime – Anywhere – Any Intensity Fitness Training Tool




This “one of kind” DVD Series will provide you as a trainer, coach, athlete or fitness minded enthusiast all the training instructions and guidelines you will need to make your resistance bands come alive for YOU.. 
As a coach, your athletes will want to train like crazy
As a trainer your clients will think you are the functional expert.
As an athlete you will feel the strength, power and speed difference immediately
As a Fitness Enthusiast let’s just say you will become a calorie burning machine




Once you view Resistance Bands Unleashed – Strength and Conditioning the first time I guarantee your mind will begin racing over how many strength

training option you have with Resistance Bands.  I know…. Been there and done that.  That is why I just couldn’t put it onto 1 single DVD.  

Actually my professional video person said it wouldn’t fit. 

No problem…. I gave you everything on 2 DVDs full of over 90 minutes of high quality video and audio.  “No home movie production”.   

Plus to really make it easy, both DVD’s have their own menu so you can find what you are looking for immediately!!



Your Flex Bands Unleashed DVD series is amazing! I have begun using your strength and metabolic circuits during my own workouts and for my wrestlers.

Personally, this style of training makes me feel healthier, faster and like a TRUE athlete! I'm getting worked like never before brother!


My wrestlers LOVE the speed and power involved with the bands and your DVD's have truly been a priceless addition to our current training programs! I can easily say that without your information my wrestlers would NOT be as explosive and conditioned as they are now!


Look how we tweaked our band training for more grip work! Towels plus bands coupled with the high speed movement REALLY fries the hands and grip!


Thank you BIG Time Dave!




Zach Even - Esh



It’s 120+ minutes of continuous
Band Training and Teaching

Here’s a sneak peak at what you will see on both DVDs.



DVD#1 will get you set-up and ready by teaching you...


  •       The 10 best ways to attach Resistance Bands to create awesome functional exercises and “out of this world” training circuits for groups or individual training

  •       The best beginner exercises to start with to avoid injury, maximize your training results, and create guaranteed success

  •       Key Resistance Band training recommendations that will make you feel like a band specialist and keep your bands lasting forever.

  •            30 plus upper torso pushing or pulling exercises that will transform you out of your “isolated traditional training” and into an “integrated total body lean mean training machine”

  •          The Secret to “Turning on your Abs ” and making them ripped and functional.  Something you will never get doing 500 sit-ups a day.

  •            How to make simply body weight training a max effort or… exercises anyone can have success with.

  •            How to take a band and add it to a simple db, wood dowel, barbell or medicine ball and turn simple drills into Core Activation Training.

  •            How to create your own Resistance Band training gym for under $100 and train where and when you want to train.

In DVD #2 I take and bring ever thing together by giving you over 35 different metabolic circuits or complexes that train movements for daily or athletic performance.

  •            Teach yourself the secrets behind “transformation” training.. I promise you have never seen this before

  •         Boost your “FAT BURNING” metabolic conditioning with unlimited resistance band exercises or circuits. 

  •             Create Time efficient but incredibly challenging partner training drills that always are fun and highly competitive.

  •            Discover how to “Unleash” your hidden power source.    Hint… You won’t find it training on your back or butt or with a machine.

  •             Learn my 5 best upper torso strengthening drills that will develop your… speed???.... You know 50% of running is with your upper torso!! 

Does your upper torso training make you faster??  Band training will.!!!

  •             Learn how to quickly transition and make workouts productive by moving from one drill to the next without changing locations or weight. 

  •             Make every exercise an abdominal exercise and say good bye to worthless crunches and sit-ups at the end of the workout.  Your waist line will love ya.

 Training Circuits will include


Single Band Circuit
12 Upper Torso Pulling and Pushing Circuits
12 + Lower Torso Circuits
5 Ultimate Core Reaction Circuits
3 Resistance Band Plyometrics Circuits

Saving the best to last... Now I take Bands and teach you how to focus your strength training on:

  • Adding Inches to your vertical with the plyometric complex Taking Tenths of seconds off your 20 yard dash doing multiple
  • Adding Inches to your vertical with the plyometric complex
  • Taking Tenths of seconds off your 20 yard dash doing multiple variations of  fireouts
  • Building explosive integration of your Hamstrings, Gluts and Calves with pushing and pulling circuits
  • Coming Off-the edge “Lineman” explosiveness
  • Being the “First to The Ball” with Lunge and Run Drills or Partner reaction drills.
  • Becoming a  Stronger Runner with “Reciprocal Band Training”
  • Developing Total Body Power with  "Hip Pull Training"
  • Creating a dynamically Strong Trunk with Db-Band Combo training
  • Becoming super human  with partner “Tug Of War” training
  • How to train change of direction in the weight room using step and push or step and pull training
  • Learn How to Set-up  the “The Ring Of Fire” and train 12 athletes hard Simultaneously 
  • Create Plyometric drills that teach not just train athletes how to land safely and powerfully
  • Implementing Partner reaction drills that that really enhances you "field speed."




I am so confident you will find this DVD series to be "YOUR GO TO Resource" for Resistance Band Training


I will give you a 30 day Guarantee or I will fully refund your money immediately!!

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Price: $97